Will Instagram Stories Kill Snapchat?

Back in 2016 Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of Instagram Stories and Snapchat’s fate has been debated ever since. After the instant messaging app declined Facebook’s acquisition offer in 2012, the social media giant found a way to seriously challenge it.

It’s been reported that influencers have flocked to Instagram Stories thanks to the reach it promises, leaving Snapchat behind for good. However, is it really the end for the once pioneering app or are there other groups of loyal users that the media has forgotten about?

Will instagram stories kill snapchat?

Firstly, let’s compare the stats

After just 25 weeks, Instagram Stories reported a reach of 150 million daily users. Unfortunately for Snapchat, it was the same number of total users the app hit that same summer. Celebrities and influencers also reported a drop of up to 40% when it came to Snapchat story views. Not looking good, right?

However, there are some clear drawbacks to Instagram Stories that mean Snapchat still has a loyal user base. An obvious one being that Snapchat is a self contained app, unlike Instagram Stories which is a bolt on to an already popular platform. This begs the question as to whether Instagram views are as valuable as those on Snapchat.

Facebook has been guilty of lowering the threshold of what counts as ‘engagement’ by grouping people who check Instagram as ‘daily active users’ of its story feature. Its therefore difficult to gaugue exactly how many people are actively heading to the platform to specifically view stories.

Something that also still works in Snapchat’s favour is the amount of time users spend on the app. It’s been reported that the average person spends around half an hour on Snapchat every day compared to just 15 minutes on Instagram.

Will instagram stories kill snapchat?

Instagram is an influencers dream

A key advantage Instagram Stories has over its competitor is its appeal to influencers and celebrities. Unlike Snapchat, Instagram stories can reach a far broader, already garnered audience. Stories appear in the explore tab making it much easier for fans to find and view.

Brands seeking out influencers to sponsor are also aware of the potential reach Instagram Stories has and are actively investing more time and effort into the platform.

However, not everyone wants to broadcast to millions of people and this is where Snapchat comes up trumps.

Snapchat is more intimate

People who use Snapchat on a daily basis are accustomed to sharing pictures, videos and massages with a close knit group of friends and family. The app is used for more intimate interactions such as ‘in jokes’ that a wider audience wouldn’t necessarily get. It’s therefore all about communication, not broadcasting.

To sum up

All things considered, the apps do offer different user experiences making them hard to compare. The media loves a good play-off between companies and a ‘who’s going to kill who’ headline. However, by stripping everything back, it is possible to see how the platforms can coexist.

They offer different experiences for different users meaning they are not necessarily direct competitors in the booming instant messaging market. Therefore, thanks to the different user bases the apps have garnered, it’s likely that Snapchat will continue to thrive despite Facebook’s challenges.

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