How Video Can Enhance Blog Posts

More and more blogs are starting to add videos to their content in some form or other. In fact at this point so many blogs have videos that you’ve probably wondered whether you should be adding videos to your blog as well.

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, the short answer is: Yes you should. To put it simply video can enhance your blog posts in numerous ways, but if you need convincing it may help to know how it can improve your content.

Attract Attention to Your Blog

As a medium video is extremely good at attracting attention – far better than videos or text put together. That makes it not only good as content, but also as a way to promote your blog to a wider audience than you may be reaching right now.

There are lots of ways in which that can happen, but if you’re using videos as part of your blog posts – you can optimize the video SEO to get it listed on search engines. Many people nowadays search exclusively for videos, so if yours is listed there it will bring them to your blog.

At the same time more and more people are sharing videos online as well, viewers who are watching your video are likely to share it – and attract more attention to it. In short a few good videos could very well generate a lot more traffic.

Engage Viewers and Convince Them to Stay

Aside from being able to attract attention, videos are able to keep it better a lot well – and are by far the most engaging type of content that you can create.

The impact that videos have on viewers and its appeal translates into more time spent on your blog. On average viewers spend more than double the amount of time on a blog with videos than one without.

It should be noted that video engagement can vary however, and your video’s ability to retain viewers will depend on its duration, topic, style, type, and a whole host of other factors.

Drive Viewers to Action and Increase Conversions

Due to how engaging they are, videos can be a valuable tool to drive viewers into taking action – which can directly improve conversions as well. For example a blog post promoting a product or service will be far more effective with a product video attached.

The fact of the matter is because of the unique audiovisual nature of videos, it is able to connect with viewers emotionally better than other types of content. That emotional connection is what spurs people into action, and it is also the reason why videos get shared so frequently.

On top of all that video is also better at building trust, which can help boost conversions further.

To take advantage of this property of videos however you need to channel viewers towards the action that you want them to perform – whether it is buying a product, subscribing to your blog, following you on social media, or anything else for that matter.


By this point you should be starting to see how video can enhance your blog posts and attract attention, engage viewers, and drive them to take action. In fact you should have all the reasons you need to start creating and adding videos to your blog posts right now.

The good news is that it is easier than ever to record and create videos nowadays, and your smartphone or digital camera should more than suffice to get started. All that you need on top of that is an editor to cut together and tidy up the video, for example Movavi Video Editor for Mac (

Make no mistake if you haven’t already started to add videos to your blog posts – you’re losing out. It is imperative that you don’t put it off any further, and get started as soon as possible.

Seb runs the W3 Cafe blog as well as his web design and digital marketing agency, Imaginaire Digital.

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