How Social Media Can Blow up Your E-commerce Sales

Ever since we started living, loving, and making all sorts of decisions on social media, it was no longer a matter of if, but how much businesses will utilize these platforms to reach more of their audience. Modern brands now need to be active on various social media depending on where their potential customers may be, in order to build stronger relationships, inspire engagement, and of course, increase sales. After all, the core purpose of running an e-commerce business is to turn a profit, and the contemporary social media-driven market leaves no room for dilemmas – having a strong social presence is a must.

A decade ago, a brand might have been able to remain profitable and competitive without a designated social strategy. Now, on the other hand, not having a social media presence comes at a hefty cost for your budget and your customer relationships. Without further ado, let’s see how you can use social media to move forward with your business and boost your sales.

Keep up with content trends

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No matter what your product or service may be, there’s always a way to use existing trendy topics and incorporate them into your content strategy. Why not make the most of the existing buzz created around certain ideas and turn them into conversation-starters every time you post a related image or a clever piece of writing?

For example, the holidays are approaching, and many brands are using Halloween and Thanksgiving-inspired images and quotes to spice up their feeds. Then again, you can also take a stand on relevant social issues and support movements that are close to your heart. Audiences appreciate meaningful posts and a clear, defined attitude by brands – it gives them a stronger foundation to relate with your brand.

Build a schedule

It would be delightfully simple if you could post what you please and whenever you please for your company. Since you’re aiming to increase sales, you should also focus on reaching the right people in the right moment when they’re on their profiles and newsfeeds.

Use various analytics tools to see how your current posts are doing, which of them have earned the most views, likes, shares, comments, and other forms of social attention. When you know the peak times ideal for posting your content and the kind of content that your customers love, you’ll quickly be able to devise an ingenious social schedule to increase your brand awareness and visibility.

Create interactive content

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Some social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to sell through them, and nearly 25% of brands use this option to generate more sales than just through their website. However, while we’re still in the early stages of “social shopping”, it’s wise to regularly connect your website and your social media in order to drive more traffic and encourage more sales through your main selling platform.

In order to offer a seamless experience, so that your customers will gladly click on every link that leads to your website and your products, offer engaging posts. Contests, quizzes, treasure hunts, you name it, content is meant to inspire, engage, and get people busy, and you’ll be far more likely to land a sale with posts that allow interaction.

Design a seamless UX

Chances are that you’re not selling something truly one of a kind, and that there are many other brands in your niche struggling to become household names one way or another. Add to that the simple fact that, for example, there are 15 million active social media users in Australia alone, and you suddenly need to make your brand visible and memorable among a slew of similar businesses to a slew of individuals who only get a glimpse of who you are.

In such a competitive environment, no brand can afford an incomplete digital strategy, whether it’s a shabby website, confusing product menu, or a passive Facebook page. In order for brands to stay formidable players in their niche, a growing number of them are turning to a professional digital agency in Sydney and other major Australian cities to ensure customer satisfaction through optimal user experience. That means building a stunning, highly functional web presence intertwined with well-branded social media pages that fully reflect your brand values. Only such an all-encompassing approach can deliver better sales results in the long run.

Enable social reviews

Nowadays, it’s downright suspicious when a brand doesn’t allow public reviews on social media. It gives the impression that you have too many complaints and that every newcomer would be greeted by a wave of negative reviews. By all means, make sure that you have supporters out there who are happy with your service, but allow them to express their opinions on your page. This is especially relevant for networks such as Facebook, as many brands use it primarily as an ad platform instead of making the most of its social potential with the help of reviews. In fact, a powerful Facebook review serves as a better ad than all of your paid Facebook advertisements combined.

Of course, you can make the process automatic on your website, and then share the reviews on your social platforms with the permission of your customers. If they are happy to recommend your brand in such a way, you’ve found the best possible method to inspire word of mouth suggestions in the social media realm.

Boost your social customer service

If your customers have a conundrum during their purchase, they are highly likely to reach out via live chat or on your social platforms. How fast your reply, how helpful you are, and the general impression that you leave will have a profound effect on whether or not this purchase will be completed or the cart left empty.

Your social presence is so much more than a revenue stream or a way to advertise your brand. It’s first and foremost a means to connect to your audience in a more meaningful manner. After all, it is called social media, and people truly yearn for more meaningful interaction. Use your social accounts to respond quickly and efficiently and to enable better customer service to your potential buyers, and your profit will soar.


Finally, social media is getting more nuanced and refined every day. Together with your overall digital strategy and your branding efforts, you can utilize these social channels to get more eyes on your brand and earn a more powerful reputation in your niche.

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Victor T. Miller, a Sydney-based business and marketing specialist who expands businesses over 5 years. I am a person who loves to inform people about the latest news in the industry also as sharing tips and advice based on my professional experience and knowledge.

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