About us

We want W3 Cafe to be the leading resource for web designers, developers and digital marketers for not only tech-related issues, but also for business advice whether building a career in-house, freelancing or even building your own agency.

My name is Seb and, as well as running the blog, I run a successful digital marketing & web design agency in Nottingham called Imaginaire Digital. I’ve built it literally from the ground up, starting with a small amount in savings and working my fingers to the bone to generate some momentum. I’m hoping to share some of my tips with you so that hopefully you can do the same (and probably save yourself a lot of the mistakes I’ve made!)

I have no desire for the blog to become just about me though, I want it to be enriched with information about the web design industry, including trends and forecasts for the future direction of the industry. As such, we’re happy to accept guest contributions, although we do ask that they aren’t purely for ‘SEO Benefit’ and that they deliver value to our readers.

If you’d like to contribute, visit our write for us page and you can find out about the kind of content we’re looking for :-).

Other than that, I hope you find the blog useful and that it helps you in your life. I’m happy to provide any advice too if you’re setting up your own agency or beginning on your freelance journey — although please accept my apologies if responses aren’t exactly fast as I have a lot on with running my own business. I’ll do my best though!