5 Things You Need to Know About Content Marketing

It’s that time of year again when you’re probably thinking up new and original ideas for your content marketing strategy. However, as a field that is constantly changing and with the amount of competition out there it can be tricky to stand out. So, to help keep your strategy up to date, here’s 5 things you need to know about content marketing.


1. Text is no longer enough

The rise of image based social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest has been pretty prolific in recent years. It’s changed the way we search for things and has given most marketers the nudge to think beyond text-based content.

A recent study by BrightEdge found that text pages have a lower click through rate than images in search results. Furthermore, a staggering 26% of all searches is made up by Google Images, showing a clear shift in the way we search. It’s therefore key that your content strategy adapts to this trend.

SEO isn’t the only reason you should be incorporating images into your content. Research has shown that articles containing images receive 94% more views and posts with images on social media have 650% higher engagement that their text based counterparts.


2. It’s no game for the idle

Content marketing is all about regular engagement and consistency. You can’t just post a blog once in a blue moon and expect to see results.  

It takes time and a lot of patience to build a respected presence as a brand and this is where a strong content strategy comes in. It’s important to have a clear plan which reflects your business goals.

It’s also crucial to stay up to date with current trends. People don’t like reading old news so posting irrelevant and pointless blogs can do more damage than good. Therefore, make a point of staying up to date with industry news. Follow influencers on social media and subscribe to useful newsletters. This will help ensure that your content is abreast of new trends.


3. Content is still reigns supreme as the best SEO tactic

In a recent survey, Ascend2 found that when it comes to SEO, content is still king. ‘Relevant content creation’ was cited as the most effective SEO tactic, proving that it plays an invaluable role in website discovery.

As most website traffic still comes from organic search results, it’s crucial that you have a strong content strategy in place.

Here’s a useful blog from Kissmetrics showing how content marketing and SEO each rely on the other.

4. There’s a lot of competition but not in every sector

As a content marketer, you’ll have no doubt faced dry spells when you just can’t find a topic good enough to grab your reader’s attention. We’ve all been there and it’s mainly thanks to the abundance of content already out there.

Competition is rife and if you think you have a hot new idea, chances are, it was covered two weeks ago by a competitor. Yes, content is everywhere and standing out can be hard in a saturated market. However, this is not the case for some industries and provides a window of opportunity for creating fresh content.

CEO of TrackMaven, Allen Gannett recently stated:

”… while brands in the media and publishing, higher education, and sports and entertainment industries have the highest Domain Authorities on average, brands in the real estate, finance and insurance industries suffer from poorly optimized websites.”

It’s clear that there is a need for original content for sectors that have less of an online presence. There’s therefore a lot to go at if your niche falls into these industries.

5. User intent is key

What does someone really want when they Google “Chocolate cake”? Is it to order one? Learn how to make it? Or understand its history? Here lies the puzzle of intent.

It’s something that Google is getting much more savvy with, returning search results based on a user’s intent. Content marketing now has to step up and ensure that it’s focused on this all important entity.

Continue to put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and think about their pain points or questions. How can you service their needs more? It all lies with intent, so getting a good grasp will help ensure your content stands out.


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